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Who are we ?

We help organizations optimize their time tracking process, by offering easy-to-use solutions tailored to their specific needs.

It's no secret, no one likes to fill out timesheets! FDTpro makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Since 2008, hundreds of organizations of all sizes and across all industries have benefited from our unique expertise in the field.

When it comes to timesheets, it is unrealistic to believe that one recipe will work for everyone. FDTpro's numerous features form a real toolbox that allows us to assemble the ideal solution for your organization. This way, each of our clients receives a solution that is unique to them. It's easy to use because you only see the features you need.

We are a proud Canadian company that mainly serves organizations located in Canada, but also in other countries. Our annual subscription renewal rate is near 100%. In other words, FDTpro does the job and the organizations that adopt it can no longer live without it.

Contact us

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1 800 516-7805

Postal Address

FDTpro inc.
589 du Cegep street
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1E 2K1

Office Address

FDTpro inc.
250 King Est Street, Office 102
Sherbrooke (Québec)
J1G 1A9

Meet our team

This is our team of expert advisors. They support you, listen to you and offer strategies to optimize your time tracking process.

Brigitte Labelle

Étienne Faucher

Francis Bradley

Martin Labelle

Deployment steps

1. Communicating your needs

We have to be informed of your needs in order to prepare an example that is personalized enough for you to evaluate the solution. Inform us by using one of the following methods:

2. Exploring a personalized example

The information required to access the example will be sent to you a few minutes, or a few hours after you send your request. This will depend on the complexity of your requirements. The example will contain fictitious data to give you a quick overview of how the solution works. You can explore the example on your own or with us during a virtual meeting. This is also an opportunity to have your questions answered, and to discuss your needs as well as the different possibilities offered by the solution. This will provide you with all the information you need to decide if you want to go ahead with FDTpro and take the next step.

3. Analyzing your needs in further details and establishing the final strategy

The initial example only being a starting point, one or more meetings with our expert advisors will allow us to analyze your needs further, and establish the final strategy. Several iterations may be necessary to arrive to the solution that perfectly meets your needs.

4. Training administrators

Once the solution is personalized to your liking, we will train your administrators. This will allow you to perform the necessary setup for launching, such as creating user profiles and projects after we have removed the fictitious data. Note that video tutorials are also available throughout the solution, for both administrators and staff who simply fill out their timesheet.

5. Launching in your organization

All you have to do is inform your staff and send them the information to log into the solution.
This whole process typically takes place over a period of 2 to 6 weeks. This mainly depends on your speed in making decisions, answering our questions, and your availability to participate in meetings.

Employment opportunity

FDTpro, a company that offers online timesheet solutions, is looking for a « Web Application Developer » to work in Sherbrooke or remotely.


  • Web application programming
  • Database management (MySQL)
  • Customer support and training
  • Sales support


  • Hold a Bachelor's degree in computer science and/or other relevant training and experience

Knowledge and skills

  • Programming (PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, CSS)
  • Independence and ability to learn with ease
  • Functional bilingualism (French and English)
  • Troubleshooting, diagnostic and problem-solving skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Creativity

Working conditions

  • Full-time, 35 or 40 hours
  • Flexible hours
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience
To apply, send your resume to